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eVaro-Sports Cruiser

The eVaro from InMotion is a Canadian built two seater Cruiser.Inspired design from the Canadian built Avro Arrow jet fighter and formula 1 sports racing, this three wheel front wheel drive car, will take to the track and open highways with the thrill and agility of your own personal Top Gun fighter!

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Solar- Jet Boat

The Solar from InMotion is a unique inflatable Jet powered boat that will take you up the creek without a paddle! It is configured for your adventure with high quality hardware and durable components. See where your next adventure could take you today!

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white quadcopter drone flying near snow mountain during daytime


The Ai Drones from InMotion are specifically configured for each unique purpose and application. From beginner to professional InMotion leads the way with effective innovative technology to provide the dataset required for the job!

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InMotion Homes

A home is not a home until you have lived it ! Faced with the reality of thinking Big! Think of right sizing to your needs and responsibilities. Small may be the new way to afford independence  and pride in ownership!

 InMotion Homes have set the Bar with innovation and sustainability while reducing our environmental footprint. 

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gray GE volt meter at 414

InMotion Batteries

Batteries at InMotion are an essential component of electrical storage and discharge for the automotive,recreational and off grid user. As technology has evolved from lead-acid to lithium. InMotion has the latest technology to fit your unique application. 

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brown and black solar panel house

InMotion Solar/Wind/Thermal

When searching for on and off grid solutions.InMotion will work with you to provide the right prescription for your energy needs. Providing leading  technologies with hybrid energy systems that maximize your comfort with control, providing you with warmth and power to live your life!

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